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Adventure Essentials

One of my favorite things to do is get outside and enjoy the summer sunshine and that is exactly what I did today. Kali and I went for a walk by the river and enjoyed some of the fresh air stopping often for her to roll in the grass and get all of her energy out. Right around 5 is the perfect time to walk by the river because the heat from the day has subsided and it is also the perfect time for an afternoon coffee. Kali and I walked through downtown following the river and ended up window shopping at some local boutiques before ending our little adventure with a coffee and pastry.

The essentials for todays adventure are as follows:

  1. A camera, I just got the Fujifilm x100t which I am loving so far for an on the go camera perfect for simple pictures but has insane quality!

  2. Activewear, I am a little brand obsessed with Lululemon and have to admit that I do spend way too much money there but I can’t resist! I am wearing the Clip in Long Line bra which doubles as a crop top and the High Times Pant. I opted for all black for a more stylish look because neon workout gear has never been my thing! I paired this with a pair of Nikes! Super simple and comfy!

  3. Cross Body Bag, I am not wearing it in the photos, but being hands free on your adventure is a must!

  4. Pet Supplies, I have been taking my dogs everywhere with me lately and there are some things that you need to have with you at all times! A bowl for frequent water stops, treats, at least one plastic bag for poops and a leash that is durable enough for your pup! On a style note I am absolutely obsessed with the leash I found for Kali! Its by the brand Atlas Pet Company. This leash is amazing the style is so high end, its simple and chic but is incredibly durable! Considering Kali is quite the troublemaker, constantly pulling during walks and chewing through everything in her downtime. This leash is no match for her, I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who has a ball of energy on their hands!

  5. Sunscreen, Hats, Water and Snacks, basically self explanatory but very essential!

Next on our adventure list is Hunter Creek trail which rewards you with a waterfall view at the end and the Tahoe Meadows hike which is gorgeous throughout providing a view of Mt. Rose and Lake Tahoe. Keep an eye out for those!

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