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Coffee + Flowers

One of the best things about San Diego is that it feels like a less chaotic version of LA with more trees but is still chaotic. If that makes any sense but this is one of my favorite instagrammable locations there! Communal Coffee is in the college town area but does not feel like you are stepping into a college campus. The location is bright and airy, and makes you want to take a break and have a good cup of coffee.

I love that this place serves coffee flights, not every coffee shop does this but it really allows you to try different types of their coffee all in one sitting. They offer an assortment of coffee from black to different types of lattes not seen at your typical coffeeshop. Things like rose latte is one of my favorites, I mean I might be weird and like flowers in my coffee.

My favorite place to sit is outside, against the cute bold wall printed with Coffee + Flowers, do it for the gram am I right? You can see even more shots of the place on their instagram. They also have an assortment of different light snacks that can help if you are hangry when you are arriving to your coffee date or if you have been working on your laptop for a while, either way there is something for every pallet, sweet and savory.

Now that I have talked about the coffee enough lets get into the details of my outfit. From the top lets start with the best hat I've ever purchased, this cute cap from Brixton is the perfect thing to finish off any outfit that need a little extra something.You can find the hat here. The sunglasses I got from Toms, yes the brand that sells shoes and I am very impressed by these, they are polarized and you can unclip the shades and wear them as clear lenses as well.

My sweater is from Abercrombie and you can find it here. It is so soft and is great quality for the price, I would definitely recommend checking them out for cute knits that are made in classic cuts. My skirt is from Brandy Melville, it is one size fits all and typically their stuff fits me perfectly but this is a little snug but I powered through for the look I had in mind. This particular print is not available anymore but this one is very similar.

And to finish off the look I am wearing my Gucci Princetown loafers. They are one of my most worn shoes, simply because they go with everything, make everything look super chic, and they are super comfortable. Since they are pretty pricey these are similar and just as cute!

An up close and personal shot of the mocha I ordered that day, I like my coffee with almond milk or oat milk!

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