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My Boob Job Experience: 24 Hour Recovery

From a young age I was always told that models don't have breasts, there are no bras in fashion and that the skinnier you were the better. I had a vision in my head for a long time after that of what I needed to strive to be, what I should look like and how other people would view me. I was thankful for my naturally tall and thin frame and lack of boobs. However throughout the years I tried my luck with padded bras and chicken cutlets but they never seemed to do the trick and give me the look I was striving for, which was really just to fill out my tops and dresses.

After that phase in my life I did a complete 180 and nixed the whole bra idea in general. I basically went braless, sometimes wore pasties but really embraced the fact that I had nothing really spectacular up top. At this point I was really living for me, I wasn't doing the modeling anymore and began to think again what it would be like if my body was just a little bit more proportional. Working so hard in the gym was something that brought this thought on, I could perfect every part of my body. I could have flat abs, a perky butt and toned arms but there was nothing I could do to make my boobs grow. I could look in the mirror and love every piece of clothing on me but when it came to looking balanced I always felt as if I was a bit bottom heavy, so I would compensate with certain types of clothing and avoid the things that accentuated my flat chest.

I started thinking about it more and more and began to research doctors and the procedure itself. Fitness being a big part of my life and routine I was worried that I was going to be out of the gym for a long period of time and for me I really didn't know if that was worth it for me. While researching I came across a different method of breast augmentation which was referred to as 24hr recovery. This peaked my interest due to the quick recovery time and differences in the actual technique used during the procedure.

The procedure differs in a variety of ways from the traditional method. The key differences that stood out to me were the difference in being able to return to normal activity after surgery. With the traditional surgery the pocket which is created for the implant is created using blunt force, that in itself sounds majorly painful but it also creates a lot of trauma and bleeding. Not to mention being wrapped in a surgical bra, wrapped with compression bandages and hooked up to drains was something that sounded highly unappealing to me. The bleeding also causes most of the discomfort after surgery, with the 24hr recovery the pocket is made through cauterization, making for a almost bloodless procedure, which makes getting up and going afterwards a lot easier. Next since the actual procedure is so different the aftercare is very different. Taking heavy narcotics and not being able to shower or move for the first couple of days with the traditional method seemed silly when I could be prescribed an antibiotic and heavy duty ibuprofen and skip all of the nausea and discomfort associated with the others! Another bonus of choosing this method was the fact that I would be able to return to the gym within 3 weeks!

Once I read all of this through my research I was convinced that this was something I could do, because the traditional method honestly scared me away from the thought of it initially! I then told my sister what I had been researching and I knew she was going to want to do it with me as well. I felt like having her there gave me a little bit more confidence and I just felt like we were in it together. Even if I didn't have a BFF sister I would have done the procedure but it was definitely nice to have someone experience the same thing with you at the same time! After talking it over with her we decided to reach out to Dr. Deuber's office.

We got a prompt response and began the consultation process. Many of their patients fly in from around the world to have this procedure done so they have a great process for consultations when you are out of state! We then had a phone call going over the process, risks and expectations. After that we decided to book our dates and flights!

At this point the reality of it had not set in for me, I was excited and thought I would get nervous about the procedure but from the moment we stepped foot into their office I felt at ease. Everyone was very friendly and polite and I never felt rushed. I feel like the experience plays into how you feel going into surgery and mine was very positive.

The first day we went in for our in person consultation, we went over size, expectations and what we desired our outcome to be. We knew going in that we didn't want anything outrageous or super unnatural looking, and that was something that the Dr wanted to emphasize. We would not get something bigger than what our body was capable of taking, they use a measurement system to determine the optimal size for your body. This system gives them a base of where to start for how many CCs would work best for you. After measuring both my sister and I he talked about which sizes would give us not only our desired look but also what was the safest option for our bodies. We both were getting silicone under the muscle. After a lot of discussion we left and spent the rest of the day enjoying Texas and avoiding the heat wave outside.

The next morning we both showered and got prepped for surgery. The morning of I was very thirsty but we weren't allowed to eat or drink anything as of midnight the night before because of the anesthesia. I was a little nervous because this would be my first time going under, but having my sister and mom helped me feel more at ease. Once we got to the office the nurse gave us consent forms to sign. We then got dressed in our cute scrubs outfits and the doctor came in and marked us. Then the anesthesiologist came in and talked with me. I honestly don't even remember getting up from my chair in the room and walking back into the operating room. Although my mom and sister said I was confidently waving goodbye and in a good mood. (I think this is super funny 😂 I was totally blacked out at that point)

The procedure itself was very short, I was only under for a total of 30 minutes. This helps with the recovery afterwards (not feeling groggy). From what I can remember after surgery I woke up in a warm chair sitting up, already dressed in my clothes. The nurses were very attentive and they remembered that I was craving coffee so they brought me coffee and some crackers to eat. I was so stoked that I woke up to coffee I almost forgot what I was there for! My mom came in and was hanging out with me for a bit, she told me Bria was also waking up and chilling in her own recovery room. After being up for a bit it was time to go. The nurses helped me get into a wheelchair and we headed out of the office and back to our hotel.

The next part of the day was critical to the 24hr recovery procedure. We were instructed to take a 2 hour nap once we got back. After that we needed to get up and shower and get ready to go to dinner and do a little shopping. That is exactly what we did, when I woke up I wasn't in pain, I just felt as if I had done a really hard workout and there was more pressure on my chest than normal. I took a shower and then proceeded to do my arm raises every 30 minutes or at least tried to stick to that as much as possible. Dr. Deuber called while we were out to check on us and see how we were feeling, and we told him how amazing we felt that we could even be out and about the day of our procedure. Our mom was very on top of the recovery schedule and helped us to remember when to do the arm raises and take our medicine. By the end of the night I was all shopped out and was ready to sleep, for my sister she fell asleep on her back but I had to sleep slightly propped up because the pressure of laying flat on my back made me feel like I could only take shallow breaths. After falling asleep I slept pretty good, I woke up around 3 AM and took more of the ibuprofen that was prescribed and fell back asleep.

We documented the experience throughout the night. p.s. I have never been bloated in my entire life and all I can look at in this video is how bloated I look. The bloating went away by day 4 and I could finally see my abs again.

The next morning was the day of our post op appointment. We got up got dressed and headed to the office. We waited until our names were called, Dr. Deuber asked if we liked our results and checked out the incisions. It was a very brief meeting but we got all of our questions answered. We then spent the rest of the day shopping until it was time to get ready to head back home.

It is now a week later and every day I felt more and more like myself. I wasn't ever in pain, I would only describe it as discomfort (pressure) or very sore muscles. But now a week later the only time I feel the soreness is in the morning, but after taking a hot shower I am ready to conquer the day. I am excited to be getting back to the gym in about a weeks time and getting back into my typical routine. The results are great, they are natural and exactly what I wanted. I have included before and after photos because I know I would want to see that if I was reading a boobie blog!


4 days after.

I didn't have to share my experience, but I felt as if I could help someone who had been considering this procedure or even someone who was curious it would be beneficial to share. Please do your own research and choose a doctor who can work with you to achieve the results you want. I am beyond grateful for the support and love not only from my friends and family but also the staff at Dr. Deuber's office who made the experience great.

Visit their website here!

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