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Bird's Eye View: Helicopter Over Downtown Los Angeles

I've always wanted to experience a helicopter ride. I had no idea what to expect since I have only been in a car or a normal commercial airplane. One pointer for anyone who is going to go on this type of adventure, wear shoes that won't fall off, I know it sounds silly but I almost walked out the the house in my Gucci slides, which would have been a tragic fall from a helicopter.

When we got to the airport we were briefed on what our flight was going to look like and discussed whether or not we would have the doors on our helicopter for the ride. We chose to be adventurous and take our flight without doors, and of course that makes for better photos!

For the ride I chose to wear something comfy and casual. I wore a cropped off the shoulder sweater, high rise black jeans and my Adidas sneakers. After taking a couple of photos in front of the helicopter, we hopped in and got buckled in, for an extra safety precaution the pilot taped our seatbelts down. He joked that he didn't want us to unbuckle them when we were up in the air on accident. I was ready but nervous with that and we quickly rose up into the air and headed towards DTLA.

Once we got up in the air I realized how windy it was, I could not hear anything and thank goodness we had a headset so we could talk. It was really a surreal experience. You feel weightless when you are flying and I quickly realized how nimble and small the helicopter actually was when we were in the air.

I was too scared to lean out without holding on because even though I was buckled in my stomach jumped when I looked down or leaned out just the slightest. Despite being slightly nervous we got some killer shots and being able to see a city or any landscape from above is breathtaking!

Our awesome pilot!

Staples center from above!

I would recommend this to anyone, its an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. Treat yourself next time you are on vacation or even in your own city, get a different perspective!

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