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Easy Gluten Free Breakfast That Sticks with You.

Even though I've always been one to eat healthy I wanted to start eating healthier than I was previously. Cutting out the smallest things can sometimes be the hardest. I recently took a food sensitivity test and have become more aware of the things that my body has inflammatory reactions to, gluten, dairy and have challenged myself to take the plunge and eliminate those things out of my diet as much as possible.

For this you will really only need a couple of things depending on how much you want to dress up your snack or breakfast. My favorite peanut butter is the Adams brand, there is no added sugar, its just peanuts salt and oil. If you've never tried it before make sure to stir it well because if you don't it might become clumpy when you reach the bottom of the jar.

Next pick out your banana, depending on your hunger you could have one or two, I usually just have one because this really sticks with me. Peel your banana and then slice and lay flat on a plate. Then you will put a dollop of peanut butter on each slice. I like to add a blend of hemp, flax, and chia seeds on top of mine for a little bit of crunch and healthy fats. You could just stop here or you can add a drizzle of honey which I think really makes it super yummy!

Lastly take the time to enjoy and have no guilt because its all good food!

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