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Sisters Who Vacation Together Stay Together.

Another day another palm tree. It was about time for my sister and I to take a dedicated sisters trip to LA. We booked our flights about 5 days before we decided to go and really made the best out of our last minute trip. One of my favorite places to stay when we are visiting LA is the Aloft El Segundo. This hotel has the best location, it is so close to the airport, beach, and West Hollywood area so getting around is really easy! Every time I've stayed here its been a wonderful experience and it continues to impress every time!

Once we picked up our rental car from the airport we headed straight to Whole Foods because neither of us had eaten all day. Once we got some much needed fuel we headed off to get some spray tans. I have gotten spray tans before and I have never had a bad experience. My sister had never gotten one before so I convinced her that she would want to look like a bronzed goddess with me and she agreed. After being kissed by the fake tanning sun we headed to the hotel to check in for our weekend!

My favorite thing to to when I check in to a hotel is drop all of my bags and jump into the fresh crisp sheets! Power naps are a thing that should never be passed up, so we unpacked a little bit, took a quick power nap and headed downstairs to the hotel bar.

There are a couple of reasons why this bar is so good, one is the atmosphere, the whole lobby has big sliding doors so it has an indoor outdoor type of feel and secondly there is a fire place, outdoor tables, and also a pool table. Everything you could want and more for a cool place to hang out and grab a couple of drinks.

We were right on time for Happy Hour or as it was written on the white board Sassy Hour. I thought that was a fun and playful play on words. Plus it set the mood to have a good time!

After grabbing drinks and some appetizers we headed to Venice to do some typical sightseeing and take advantage of the warm night weather. If you haven't been to the Venice hanging sign I think it is a must and that it is an essential must see when in Venice. In all of the times my sister had been to LA she was yet to experience this spot!

Peep that fresh spray tan...😉

After walking around for a bit and taking some photos we met up with some friends and ended up having dinner at this cute little spot in Venice!

One of my favorite parts about staying at the Aloft El Segundo is the fact that they have an awesome little gym that I can keep up with my workouts at! It also helps that the gym has views of the palm trees, cute sitting area and the pool! Very motivating if you ask me!

We went to the gym every morning to get our day started and took a little bit of time to stretch out and admire the views of the pool! Extra points for having awesome floats available in the pool for the guests to use!

We then headed into town for a fun day of shopping around the West Hollywood area. There are so many places to shop in this area that are both cheap and very expensive! We started off at the Melrose Place Farmer's Market where we picked up some of our favorite things and grabbed a coffee at Alfred.

We then walked around and took some blog photos and I love how they turned out! Almost everything I wore on this trip was from Tobi! They have very cute and affordable clothing! Our day shopping was very eventfull we ended up going to Rodeo Drive and I finally made a purchase I was meaning to make for a long time!

Shoes Adidas, Skirt is from Tobi, Sweater Brandy Melville.

This bag purchase was one that was long overdue for many reasons. About a year ago I promised my sister my old Neverfull as a gift and time and money were not on my side for a while so the gifting took a bit longer than expected. But I was so excited to be able to replace mine and give her my old one. I mean I think it would be cool to have an older sister who gives you designer hammy downs but I guess its my job to buy them new. 😂 We decided that our new tradition when buying anything fancy is to go to the boujee-est place (aka Rodeo Drive) and then drive to the closest In-N-Out to celebrate with fries and a milkshake. If you ask me thats a pretty good day in general!

The next day we took it easy and just enjoyed the beach. It's one of the things that I always want to do when I visit!

The last night we were there the sunset was literally more perfect than I have ever seen it before! Very much a cotton candy sunset! We were actually driving back to the hotel and had to pull over just to take a photo of it! The photo really doesn't do it justice! Perfect ending to our little weekend getaway!

I want to give Aloft El Segundo a big thank you for having us and making this weekend such memorable one!

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