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Denim on Denim.. Kind of.

Whenever I see other people wearing denim on denim I think they look so chic and can totally pull it off and when I do I never feel like I can quite get the right combo! But I feel like this might have worked, nonetheless I rocked it! I wore some boyfriend jeans from Joes Jeans! I love these so much because unlike other boyfriend jeans they don't make your butt look funny, but maybe that because I sized down, but the legs still have the relaxed fit! I paired this with a cute halter tank that I knotted in the front for a more beachy look! I considered this sort of a denim on denim look because the top is a chambray material which is like light weight denim, so it sorta counts right? Completed with a pair of lace up sandals for the prefect casual look for exploring new beach towns!

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