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Tis the season for snow. I am not a fan at all of driving in the snow, traveling in the snow or walking long distances in the snow but I am a fan of how pretty and peaceful it makes everything! Ever since I came back to the Reno/Tahoe area for Christmas it has been snowing record amounts. Literally a blizzard every day! One of my favorite spots to visit is up in Truckee the Coffeebar up there is nestled into a quaint little shopping center that is intimate and makes it feel like home.

I am rocking the full athleisure trend, wearing a comfy turtleneck from Abercrombie and some Alo Yoga Moto leggings and finishing off the look with some Adidas sneakers. So comfy and perfect for spending some time at my favorite coffee spot. I was so impressed with Abercrombie lately, their stuff in my mind always screamed high school little moose logo but they have taken that off a lot of their pieces lately. This sweater has a good weight, no wool which is a big plus in my book, and a luxurious feel to it! The leggings are a recent purchase of mine and I wasn't sure what size to buy because they were my first pair of Alo leggings. I really loved the moto details and thought they would be a good addition to my legging collection. I love the pants but animal lovers beware the material they are made out of is very prone to being a lint magnet, other than that I really do enjoy these!

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