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Grommet Details

There was something about this shirt and its little grommet details that I loved, even though some of my friends had some comments about it looking like a napkin.. 😂 I have always believed in rocking what you love even if someone has something negative to day about it you should always wear whatever makes you happy. In reality you will never be able to please everyone so why should you cater your look to someone else. That was quite the rant for my little story time about my blouse. Anyways to finish off the look I wore a basic blazer with ripped jeans and sandals I kept it pretty minimal in order for the shirt to stand out. Hope you all enjoy!

girl wearing ripped jeans

girl wearing ripped jeans and a tank

girl standing in front of palm trees

girl wearing Dior sunglasses

girl sitting in front of palm trees

girl looking out at the ocean


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