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Lace & Sneakers

I think that I am a little bit late to jump on the lace dress and white sneakers trend. But I am glad to say that I really did enjoy wearing this look. I was hesitant to jumping on this trend train when it first began because I was so accustomed to wearing nicer dresses with little sandals or even a pair of heels. So naturally wearing my go to dress for weddings and more fancy events with a pair of sneakers was not my first thought.

I have to say though that this has actually opened my eyes to how much more versatile the rest of my closet is now because I no longer feel like I can only wear sandals or heels with more dressy options. I have embraced sneakers with almost every thing else in my closet and the collection is growing every day, embarrassingly enough. But who doesn't want to be super comfy and have the added benefit of looking super casual and chic when rocking a fresh pair of sneakers. My dress is from Free People and one of the most versatile things that I own now that I feel like I can rock it with a pair of sneakers. The amount of complements and use I've gotten on this dress is a little absurd. Additionally I am wearing classic Adidas sneakers in all white, these make you look tan in the summer and give a nice pop to almost any outfit.

In conclusion our day walking around Abbot Kinney was well spent and super comfy. This was the perfect look for shopping, sunny weather and of course some coffee on the way! I would definitely recommend you try out this trend if you haven't already since I know I'm very late to join this party!

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