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When Fall Doesn't Happen Embrace Summer...

When I first moved to LA I went through a period of sadness about not being able to wear my north face jackets and boots that I put so much money into and it felt like I was living in a continuous summer of sorts. But today I decided to embrace summer in September and wear something that screams of quintessential summer days. I kept it simple with a off the shoulder cropped blouse and denim shorts. But I added a striped scarf around my neck to give it a pop of color and interest. I felt that if I didn't add something else to this uber basic and simple ensemble I was looking like the past version of myself in high school. Even though the scarf is such a simple addition to the look I felt as it it was the perfect thing to elevate the outfit and make it look much more grown up. I finished off the look with another grown up and polished touch in my shoe choice which are my slides which I cannot get enough of!

The shirt is from Boohoo, shorts are Joe's Jeans, Scarf is Chanel and the slides are from Gucci. I think everyone has something similar to this in their closet, so I think it is a must try!! Super simple and easy and not to mention you look put together in this elevated simple look!

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