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How to Stay Motivated

Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed and be motivated to start your day.I have found that acknowledging you have a problem with motivation is one of the biggest and most important steps you can take. And congratulations you are here reading this, although you might have clicked on this just to take a closer look at this outfit!

For the faint of heart and those who have good intentions but do not follow through I have the solution! I have tried making lists on my phone but to me it is more satisfying to write it down, with the old fashioned pen and paper! Shocker right?! There is something so satisfying about checking a goal off of her to go list! I've found that I feel more motivated throughout the day and with long term goals if my little sticky note is screaming at me from across the room, maybe not screaming but definitely is a constant reminder of what I want and where I want to be!

Another thing to note is creating and sticking to a routine, whether that be getting up at a certain time or committing to go to the gym more than once or twice a week are things that can help you stay motivated. Plus I feel so good when I stick to my routine I've made for myself, it makes you feel accomplished and productive.

Realize that it will not happen overnight. Some goals will be more long term whereas others might be more short term daily or weekly goals. I used to get super frustrated when I wanted something and it wouldn't happen overnight, it took me a while to realize that you need to put in the work and the time to get to the goals I have set for myself.

Lastly I would have to say the best thing to do is stay positive and always visualize what it will be like once you reach that goal. Visualization is so powerful, it can help you see and bring to life a goal or dream that you didn't think you could get to! I am by no means an expert or am perfect when it comes to practicing what I preach but here I am trying to live my best self.

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