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Oh My Gord

Its that time of year again ahhhh....pumpkin this, pumpkin that, pumpkin everywhere! I know it might be surprising but unlike every basic white girl out there who cant wait for everything pumpkin spice to make its infamous return I am not the biggest fan of that flavor. I mean I really like the idea of it and maybe I haven't found the right combo of spice and pumpkin that are perfect for me but that is a minor side note.

For my pumpkin patch outfit I wanted to wear something festive and warm. Todays pick was this oversized sweater from Free People, the collar is super cozy and just made me feel like it was perfect pick for the pumpkin patch. The bell sleeves and color made it feel like the perfect addition to this look.

I paired the sweater with these super fun pants I got from Zara. I cant go anywhere without hearing someone scream Beetlejuice, but hey it makes me laugh so I just own it. But I do really get so many compliments on those pants they are very bold but statement pants make the best statements.

To finish off the look I paired it with my Alexander Wang boots, which I shouldn't have had worn in the dirt but they wiped off so perfectly so good as new. I love these boots because they are so slim fit and have a very put together look.

It was a perfect day at the pumpkin patch and I had a really fun time wearing this look and putting it together!

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