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Reno Renaissance: Changing the Landscape

When most people think of their hometown they can blurt out a couple of words that characterize the town they live in. Those words are most likely attached to memories and life events, which is completely different from how a stranger or a tourist would characterize that place. I feel like that is very true of Reno, the people who grow up here and know the area can appreciate all it has to offer, like the cute local shops in Midtown or the fact that you are only 45 minutes away from Lake Tahoe, and there is a great college-town feel to the community.

To an outsider Reno, Nevada is the smaller version of Vegas, 'The Biggest Little City in the World' is a place where there is no last call and the party never stops. Gambling is Reno's biggest claim to fame and legal prostitution is something a lot of people associate with the town. Although those things have helped the economy and the city grow, Reno is getting a makeover, and its changing quickly.

From Artown exhibits throughout the downtown landscape, renovation and expansion of Midtown, the curated restaurant culture, and expansion of the University, the city of Reno is making leaps and bounds towards bettering its community. In addition to that several large companies like Apple, Telsa, and Google are expanding their secondary home bases to the land rich Reno Tahoe Area. With our abundance of open land and the communities progressive thinking Reno just might be the next Silicon Valley.

The Renaissance coming to downtown was one of the most pivotal points in saying that Reno is changing and evolving into a place that more people want to travel to not just for the gambling, but for the many other things that Reno has to offer. For a long time there was not a hotel in Reno that you could stay in that was exclusively just a hotel, the majority of the hotels were also casinos. The casino environment is not for everyone, the loud machines, constant never-ending nights, and the overwhelming cigarette smoke is off-putting at times. Although those things are not always deal breakers, the addition of a hotel that is exclusively a hotel is something that was missing for a long time.

Another bonus for travelers is knowing that they can bring their 4 legged friends along with them when they are traveling. The Renaissance also installed a large wall of dog tags that you could personalize on the spot, Chloe got her tag made that night, guests can either take the tag or leave it on the giant wall!

Not only did the hotel itself give an option to travelers it gave locals a chance to see how the area was changing. On the bottom level of the hotel there is a bar and basically a grown up arcade featuring ski-ball and bocce ball courts. These amenities are open to the public so when you are tired of hoping from bar to bar and walking through casinos you can come and be a kid for a couple of hours!

The grand opening offered a glimpse of what the hotel was offering the area, a place to reflect how the people who live here are trying to change the persona their town has on those who come to visit. Reno Renaissance is taking a step towards making Reno a destination in its own right.

The rooms boasted a clean interior design and spacious mountain views.

All photos were taken during the Grand Opening party the Reno Renaissance hosted. Many thanks to Reno Renaissance for partnering with us on this post.

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