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The Coffee Scrub that Changed my Life.

I was the first one to hop on the Frank body scrub train when they first came out with their product. That wasn't the first coffee scrub known to mankind though, it was just marketed really well. I loved the way that it made my skin smell, feel, and how it changed the over all texture with use. Although I still buy it sometimes I've found a way that is just as effective and really easy to make at home!

First you will need a flavored coffee that is ground, I like the Starbucks vanilla coffee, it smells warm and delicious.

Then you will need to have some sort of coconut oil, I like the one from Trader Joe's, it is cold pressed and un refined meaning that is is easier to absorb into the skin.

This is truly a two ingredient endeavor, making it easy for just about anyone to make this recipe at home.

You will need to measure out on a one to one ratio of coffee and coconut oil. I typically do 4 tablespoons coffee to 4 tablespoons coconut oil.

After measuring out all of the coffee, I measured out the coconut oil and melted it until it was mostly liquid.

I then added the two together! I did a total of 8 tablespoons 4 of each ingredient, this typically lasts me about two weeks using it 3-4 times a week!

All you have to do is stir it together and but in a Tupperware container in your bathroom. Depending on where you live and how cold your house is the texture and consistency of this will change. Since I am somewhere that it is colder right now the coconut oil when at room temperature is solid. Its fairly easy though to break it up with your hands and to use a chunk of it to exfoliate your whole body with.

This truly saves my skin, which is prone to being dry and itchy. This scrub leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturized and ready to take on the day. An added bonus too is that I typically don't even have to use moisturizer after I do this! (nice for when you are feeling lazy) Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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