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My Version of NYC Athleisure

Whenever I travel I typically don't dress up to get on a plane, more likely than not I will be in yoga pants and a comfy sweater on the daily. For my latest trip to New York I wanted to incorporate the chic vibe of the city, the more tailored and professional side with something comfy for walking around in.

I paired my tailored black coat, with a structured fit with my casual activewear. Some may not like this look but I felt like it combined the two worlds together quite nicely, seeing as the jacket was black it was just a neutral addition to this already neutral look.

My sweater is from Brandy Melville and was quite fitting seeing as it has the text New York embroidered onto the front. I have been loving the color blush lately and this sweater is the perfect shade! You can find the exact same sweater here.

And lastly my newest and new favorite pair of leggings I have picked up are these awesome laser cut ones from Lululemon. These tights are basically a conversation starter, they are so unique and on top of that they are beyond comfy. The only downside to them is that I am always hyper aware of things when I am wearing them because of all the little cut outs, I read on the website that they tend to snag or rip easily. And I would not want something I paid over $100 for to get a snag in them. Aside from that I give these pants a stellar rating, they were hard to get my hands on, I had to call a store with the pants in stock and purchase them over the phone. You can find the exact ones I have here or a more recent pair they came out with that is similar here. (the second pair might have more sizes available)

Let me know how you feel about the blend of polished streetwear and athletic apparel! Would you do it?

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