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Getaway At The Marina Del Rey Hotel

There is something special about The Marina Del Rey Hotel. It is nestled in between two of my favorite beaches in Los Angeles, Venice & Manhattan making this retreat the perfect location for admiring waterfront views and soaking up the California sun!

Upon arrival at the hotel we were greeted with a vast driveway and sliding blue doors that lead into the lobby! The ceiling in the lobby was tall and had an intricate bird display above that made you feel like you were outside laying on the beach. The color pallet throughout the hotel complemented the surroundings. Blues, tans and whites bathed the walls and furniture.

Once I made it up to my room I was greeted by views of the marina, sailboats and boats of all kinds lined the border of the hotel. A fruit plate was waiting, ready to refresh my pallet from traveling. I then jumped on the bed in tradition to get the trip started.

When traveling location is key when looking for the place you are going to stay, it can set the mood for the trip. It is never fun realizing that you have to drive or catch a 45 min uber to where you want to visit. This hotel was in the perfect location, adjacent to a great variety of my favorite places to visit when I am in LA.

However, it was hard to peel myself out of this hotel during my stay. I loved hanging out in my room and admiring the views of the boats throughout the day. It was easy to stay in the hotel all day long because of the numerous amenities available to its guests. The pool was one my favorite amenities in the hotel. It had a resort vibe, at night the bar was a very popular spot to hang out, during our stay there was a couple of events that made the scene very happening. During the day there was a DJ that made you want to sip some poolside drinks and dance under the sun. The cabanas were the perfect spot to crash after swimming and dancing, we ordered snacks from the poolside menu!

The hotel also housed an amazing restaurant called SALT for dining at all hours of the day. We dined there a couple times during our stay and everything was always on point and very delicious, the views from the deck on the restaurant were also a nice touch!

Every detail of the stay was meticulously taken care of by the staff, which made for a smooth and fun vacation that let myself and the group I was with focus on having fun and making memories in the hotel and around the LA area.

To see more of what the Marina Del Rey Hotel offers visit their Instagram!

A big thanks to the Marina Del Rey Hotel for partnering with me on this trip.

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