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Girls Trip: Malibu Wine Safari

The first time I visited the Malibu Wine Safari I knew instantly that I was going to become addicted to bringing back people who haven't experienced it. The scenic drive up to Malibu on the PCH sets the mood, once on the road to the safari if feels as if you have left LA completely. The mountains swallow you as you drive further and further up the hill towards the winery. Once you arrive you are greeted by a dirt parking lot and a small building where you check in and receive your wristbands. The first time I went on the safari I didn't purchase the ticket where you meet Stanley the giraffe but this time I made it a point to!

This was the perfect way to set the mood for our girls trip, my sister was celebrating her birthday and we got all of our friends together and brought the group up into the hills of Malibu. We started our trip in the South Bay, during our stay at the Marina Del Rey Hotel and we headed up to Malibu for the perfect Friday afternoon activity to start off the birthday festivities!

Everyone was beyond excited to start the safari, we arrived in just the nick of time seeing as we hit traffic on the PCH on our way up. We rushed onto the safari bus and we were on our way.

The itinerary of the safari included tasting of six wines that are made on the property! There were three whites and three reds. Along the way the tour guide told us about the history of the land, the family who owned the property and introduced us to the animals that lived on the property as well.

The first stop was a beautiful little valley sheltered by mature trees. They had us try three different whites while at this stop. There were alpacas nearby that we walked over to and hung out with while drinking our wine.

After tasting our three whites we loaded back on the bus again to take our next stop. We drove through the scenic hills and learned more about the history of the land. We drove down a winding road and ended up at our next stop, meeting the zebras and llamas that live on the farm. We hopped off the bus and had a chance to feed them!

After hanging out with these cool guys for a bit we hoped back on the bus and headed towards Stanley. This was probably the most anticipated part of the tour, everyone was very excited to hang out with this tall dude! I was so shocked at how gentle and quiet he was considering his vast size.

After we had a solo chance to take photos and feed Stanley we all had a chance to grab group photos! It was an awesome experience being able to be so close to such a cool animal. We said our goodbyes and moved on to the next part of the tour. We headed to a valley where 3 red wines and some crackers and dip were waiting for us.

After spending some time chatting, learning about wines and having some appetizers we loaded the bus and headed back to the main lodge. Everyone way beyond excited about the experience, and was excited to plan our next visit back. The staff also made a special effort to accommodate for the gluten free needs in our group. Once back at the lodge we took a group photo to capture the moment! To see all the other fun stuff you can experience at the safari check out their Instagram!

A big thank you to the staff and team at Malibu Wine Safaris for partnering with me on this trip and making this such a memorable experience.

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