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Top 20 Sephora Sale Items

Every time Sephora throws that 20% off coupon out twice a year I get super excited to stock up on my favorite beauty items. I've rounded up my top 20 items that I buy over and over again. Everything on this list are things that I would consider my ride or die products that if I run out I will be purchasing again.

I'll start off first with skincare, because after all that is the base, what you put on your skin can affect how well other products work on it! I have gone on a long and very challenging journey with my skincare, it has been frustrating for the most part but finally now we are on good terms.

Cleansing the skin is very important, for someone who has battled with terrible acne for about 9 years, (geeze that makes me sound so old) it has been a process of trying everything and anything to combat my uncooperative skin. I can happily say that I have found a face wash that after a couple of weeks really did smooth it out and change the texture of it!

The one thing that I attribute the biggest change in my skin to, other than my dermatologist is this peel. Not only has this gotten rid of the uneven texture throughout my skin but it has also erased any sign of the acne scars which used to cover my face. These are pricey but I couldn't urge you enough to give these a chance. They say that they are daily peels and I do use them in 3-5 day jaunts but typically use them on a every other day basis to save money and prevent my skin from becoming too sensitive. I use the extra strength peels, those are a little more intense than the standard peel. The main difference between the two is that the intensive peel has 7 different types of acid whereas the universal peel has only 5 different acids. The extra acids increase the anti-aging benefits and completely eliminated all the acne scarring.

Next up I couldn't live without this mouisturizer, I have dry and delicate skin so I need something that is intensive but does not break me out. Believe me finding that combination in a mouistrizer was really hard to do! Since starting to use this lotion in late 2016 I haven't bought any other face lotion, we are in a committed relationship at this point. It is calming and has many healing ingredients but most notably Tiger Grass (Centella Asiatica) this has been recognized as an ingredient that has been proven to help heal inflammation, redness, and blemishes.

Any skincare routine can't be complete without a sunscreen. I would be lying if I told you I always wore sunscreen, but since a pretty young age I've gone through the ebb and flow of using different face creams with sunscreen in them! Even though most people would scoff at me calling myself old I have become more aware of preventative skincare and sunscreen by far takes the cake for the biggest thing you should do to prevent premature aging! This sunscreen not only protects your skin from the sun but it also is color correcting, so it prevents redness with a green tint. By no means does this make your face tinted green, once rubbed in it turns into a nice universal beige color. I swear by this, sometimes I use this moisturizer solely as my foundation for the day!

It has taken me a long time to find an eye cream that works for me. They either make my skin breakout or they burn and make the skin underneath my eyes feel extra sensitive. This eye cream is extremely moisturizing and feels dreamy when you put it on after all of your other creams at night. After using for a while I noticed the skin under my eyes looked more awake and felt moisturized even throughout the day.

I love this thing! I keep mine in the freezer for maximum effects! Not only does it feel good and is a part of my morning skincare routine but it also decreases any puffiness in my skin when I wake up. Especially if I have had a long night I notice that this really works to de-puff and bring my tired skin back to life!

Not only does this smell amazing it makes your skin feel tight and refreshed when applied. The caffeine in this product is the secret behind the taught feeling you get when applied. My legs and arms always look amazing after using this and although its a little pricey for a tub of cream it is something that I enjoy using when I know I will be showing more skin than normal!

These all so good but if you need something with a little bit more color this is my go to! It is the perfect peachy nude! And on top of that it smells delicious and does not get sticky like other glosses do!

While we are on the topic of the mouth I might as well share my favorite things that keep my lips moustirized year round. Ever since I picked this up its been in my handbag or on my person ever since, and another added bonus, it lasts forever. Mine typically lasts me a whole year.

When it comes to foundation finding the right one is almost as hard as finding skincare products that mesh well with you skin. When I found this foundation I was super excited and knew that I would be repurchasing! It can be light to decently full coverage and I really love how it looks on the skin! I apply it with a very damp beauty blender and that way it comes out as a very dewy and light coverage look! Not to mention it has SPF in it, more protection for your skin! I'm all about that!

Unlike the other foundation I mentioned above this one is lighter weight. I wanted something that I could put on with my fingertips essentially, that was almost not like makeup for the summer months when anything makeup wise on your face feels extremely heavy. This stuff was the perfect option, it blends into the skin wonderfully and it leaves it looking fresh and summer ready!

The one thing that I don't think I could live without at this point in my makeup routine has to be these illuminating drops. I have never had a highlighter be more beautiful and natural looking than this one. I have also never received more complements on my highlight or "natural glow" than I have with this product. It is pricey, but it is 100% worth it. Not only does this highlighter make your cheekbones glow but during the summer when you want that all over glow just put a drop of this into your lotion and boom you look like glowing goddess!

My go to brow gel! I used to swear by the clear mascara from Maybelline because it was only $5! But I ordered this brow gel the one time they were ouand makes t of stock and it changed my life. I'm pretty sure they are almost the same thing but the big difference for me was that this gel holds my brows in place all day long, even if I sweat and even if I go swimming. Its water resistant qualities and long wearing properties beat out the competition for me!

I love this so much. I only have to fill in little parts of my brows so this is the perfect pencil for me. I've tried other pencils and for me it seems like the competition pencils would be gone super quickly. This pencil lasts for at least a couple of months and you can make it lighter or darker depending on the drama you're looking for. This universal taupe color works for me (a blonde) and my sister (a brunette) so it really proves its universal color!

My makeup routine is never complete without this setting spray. I do not use powders because my skin instantly gets dry and cracks. So this is the perfect solution. It blends my makeup and refreshes it throughout wearing as well! I feel as if my makeup doesn't quite look as good when I don't use this in my routine.

I know it is hard to spend close to $40 on a lip balm but this is one of my favorites that I buy time and time again. There is a multitude of colors available and they are all the perfect tint, they are sheer, moisturizing and are my go to for a subtle pop of color!

I try to put off washing my hair all the time and this helps me do it without looking like a grease ball. That being said if you use too much your hair feels pretty chalky but used sparingly it brings greasy hair back to life and it smells super yummy all the while!

This is something I toyed with buying over and over again. For the longest time I was without a blowdryer. I would borrow one or just plan it so I could style my hair in the morning after sleeping on it at night. I am so happy I made this purchase. It has changed the way I look at styling my hair, honestly I think my hairdresser was happy I made the grown up step and bought a blowdryer that changed the way my hair feels, styles and lasts. This dryer doesn't sound obnoxious, dries my hair quickly and gives me that blowout look every single time!

This is one of my favorites, my summer fragrance its light, fresh and floral. This scent fades away quicker than I'm used to but its worth it to reapply!

This fragrance has been my go to for some time now, I use it during the fall and winter months, its a little bit musky and floral. This scent lasts forever I spritz it on my hair and clothes along with my décolletage!

These are my ride or die items I find myself purchasing over and over again. What are your go to beauty products?

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