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Sunflower Fields Forever: Photoshoot Ideas

So when the sunflower fields started blooming I immediately knew that I had to run through them and have my sister follow me and take an obnoxious amount of pictures. This year we actually rented the sunflower field out so that we could have it all to ourselves it was really nice to not have to worry about other people peeping on us while shooting or worrying about editing out randoms in post production. So I'll keep this sweet and short, I brought an array of clothes and random hats and sorta had a plan and then we ran around and did a bunch of different looks during our 2 hr block.

The deets: If you live in Reno, you will be able to do this too! Ferrari Farms is the place and you can rent for an hour or two for around $20 to $25 I believe.

So here are the photos for a little bit of inspo for your own photoshoot!

Outfit Deets: (Hat, Shirt, Shorts)

And about a week later I ended up going back to the same fields and doing another styled shoot but with a different vibe!

I cannot find the links to what I was wearing but the bodysuit was from TigerMist, Hat was vintage, and the boots are basically 3 seasons old Dolce Vita hah.

I hope you got some creative inspo out of this!



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