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Malibu Farm: First Impressions

I am the type of person who checks out a businesses' Instagram before deciding on whether or not I want to go there. I feel like I'm not the only one out there who does the same thing. Malibu Farm had a lackluster gram, but I knew from word of mouth that it was a pretty trendy and popular place to go so that made my decision in the long run. The menu was healthy and featured things like an apple kale mimosa which I had to try. It was quite good and made the whole mimosa thing turn into health food which who doesn't love that!

We didn't get any appetizers and just stuck to the main courses, it was quite pricey but your paying for the atmosphere and the novelty of being on a pier. The food was good, but I wouldn't want to go back if I had other options. I got a veggie sandwich which came with a side of rice. All in all it was good I feel like maybe I would want to go back for espresso and brunch cause I love brunch but I wasn't the biggest fan of the lunch menu.

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