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Coffee, Yoga Pants & Slides

Super original, I know. When I am not dressing up in cute clothes I am in yoga pants, slides and a comfy jacket of some sort. One of my favorite spots in LA is Two Guns Kitchen, aside from their California aesthetic, dog friendly patios and good vibes they have really good food and espresso.

I love breakfast, it is probably one of my favorite meals, because you can have savory and sweet as part of your meal. Their stanwich, is one of their most popular sandwiches on the menu. Egg, pesto, arugula, cheese, and an avocado sandwiched between a fluffy pretzel bun. To offset the savory we got their stuffed French toast and it was delicious!

If you haven't met Chloe, she goes everywhere with me. And yes she has a snaggletooth.

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