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Malibu Wine Safari

Malibu was not what I was expecting, as we ventured up the windy roads and mist covered mountains we found ourselves nestled in a place that did not seem like California at all. I had heard great things about the Malibu Wine Safari and ever since I had my heart set on going, because after all who doesn't love the idea of being able to feed animals and get wine at the same time! Aside from the novelty of going on a grown-ups only safari ride the wine tasting portion of the day was quite enjoyable as well. We had a sampling of three white wines on the first stop and on the second we had three reds with an assortment of crackers and dips. This was the first time I went so I did not splurge on the more expensive tickets which included meeting Stanley the giraffe, but I do plan on going back and making the splurge! Overall I would conclude that it is a very fun and unique activity to do with an added bonus of being in a gorgeous setting for special occasions or just a fun getaway!

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