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Coffee Please

I can't remember when I acquired my intense love for coffee, maybe it was the late nights studying for finals during college or the hours I used to spend at the local Starbucks after school with my friends enjoying the culture around coffee. Maybe it is a combination of all of those things and the fact that now I know I need a cup of joe in the morning to avoid a headache. I wanted to take some time today to introduce you to my favorite local coffeeshop in my home town of Reno.

They pride themselves on being a place where you can stop in throughout the day and get whatever you need. Coffee, croissant, lunch, afternoon refreshments, happy hour or simply and after dinner espresso are just a brief summary of what is offered at Coffeebar. The ambiance is one of the things about a coffee shop that makes or breaks the experience there for me and here it really is the perfect mix of culture i.e. featuring local artists and hosting tasting events, it is a place where not only college students come to do their homework but also working professionals and people who simply want to sit down and enjoy their afternoon latte.

I was recently asked to do an Instagram takeover for them and I was so excited to be not only recognized as one of their most loyal and diehard customers but I also was excited to branch out of my usual photo endeavors and get to try some new things! If you want to check out their Instagram it is @coffeebar89509 and be sure to keep an eye out for my takeover!

And of course the outfit details include a Free People off the shoulder tank tucked into some light wash Joes Jeans cut off high waited shorts and some lace up sandals from Splendid. This look is perfect for summer time and has a classic and elegant vibe with the off the shoulder tank. For an even more casual look you could pair the shorts with some flat lace up sandals or dress it up with the chunky heels like I did.

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