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A Weekend In LA: Aloft El Segundo

After hopping off a plane at LAX there is nothing I wanted to do more than drop all of my bags off in my room and head to the pool. Thankfully Aloft was only a 6 minute drive away from the airport which was a relief because I wanted to take advantage of the perfect weather!

Aloft is located in El Segundo which is right next to LAX and also just a quick drive to the beach cities. The surrounding area has multitude of restaurants and shops to make sure you aren't missing anything you need! The hotel itself is unlike any other hotel I've stayed in before with its rounded windows and simplistic style; the aesthetic fit just what I was looking for!

When we walked through the big sliding doors and were greeted by a rush of cool air which was beyond refreshing. The check-in desk was round and full of color like the rest of the spaces in the hotel, giving it a fun and unique feel!

After checking in on the way to the elevators there was a Re:fuel area where you could grab snacks and drinks on the go! I thought this was an awesome way to present breakfast as opposed to the typical continental breakfast served by most hotels!

There were plenty of healthy snacks and of course an abundance of coffee! We stopped to grab some fuel before finding our rooms!

The hallways were flooded with light from the large windows at the end!

Once we got to our room we got ourselves all organized for a trip to the pool! The rooms had such a fun vibe with all of the colors and modern shapes. We were lucky enough to get a room with a view of the pool which was a nice touch to be able to open the windows and get some fresh air with a view!

Is it just me or does jumping onto a hotel bed one of the most satisfying things in the entire world? Just looking at this photo makes me want to run, jump, and land on those crisp sheets, perfect recipe for an afternoon nap.

Before heading out to the pool for a bit of relaxation, we got some fuel and it was really good. Waffle fries are one of my favorite things to order because they are more fun than normal fries, and I just feel like they taste better in general. I was super stoked that these were on the menu!

We then headed down to the pool which was an awesome spot! Of course I had to make a photoshoot out of it, but who wouldn't with this cool fish wall that was by the pool!

I am not much of a swimmer but being able to dip my feet in the pool was so relaxing, it was the perfect way to wind down after a day of traveling. The pool is surrounded by the hotel giving the pool swanky architectural views.

I almost forgot to mention that this hotel is dog friendly! I often travel with Chloe and finding hotels that accommodate dogs is sometimes challenging. It was awesome to see not only Chloe enjoying her stay there but seeing all of the other animals who were welcomed there!

After relaxing for a couple hours at the pool we wanted to catch happy hour at the cool bar in the lobby! I absolutely loved the layout of the lobby, it felt so home-y with a bar, sitting area with a cozy fireplace and a super cool pool table!

We grabbed a cheese plate and chips and dip to accompany our drinks.

Our beautifully presented cocktails!

We ended the night sitting on the deck looking out over the pool! The night was perfect a warm evening classic California under a lit palm tree, with good cocktails what more could a girl ask for!

Thank you to Aloft El Segundo for the wonderful stay and partnering with us on this post.

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