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Victory House Hotel & the London Experience.

After 15 hours of being on a plane I was beyond excited to hop in a taxi and head into London. The drive in was beautiful, winding roads lined with cottages and copious amounts of greenery. The city had a vibe different from any other city I've been in, the architecture and history of the buildings was an evident characteristic that was soon to become my favorite thing about this trip.

Apon arrival at Victory House I was eager to jump into my bed and soak up the views of the spectacular room. The room boasted high ceilings and an open airy feeling. The rounded windows let in the sunshine and lit the room in a dreamy way.

The hotel was located in Leicester Square, the epicenter of entertainment in London. There are a multitude of cinemas, restaurants, street performers and its central location makes walking to shops and other nearby attractions easy! This location grew on me during my stay because of how close everything that I wanted to see and do was from the hotel.

The cool grey walls and warm wood accents was a welcoming site after a long day of traveling. Not only was the aesthetic on point but the amenities that the hotel boatsted was one of the best parts of staying here. During your stay you can conveniently order room service from the restaurant downstairs, Petit Bistro, and so you don't fall off track with your fitness routine there is complementary access to the GymBox on St Martins Lane.

Every detail in the room was unique and created for a special experience. I loved how the table in my room had Fashion books stacked on it, almost as if someone knew I love reading editorial fashion magazines.

After a long nap I ventured out around the hotel and wondered in the streets admiring the architecture and unique character that all of the buildings had. I always heard about London being a gloomy city, and that the sun doesn't come out but I was very fortunate that the majority of my trip it was sunny and warm!

Throughout the week I had the chance to do what was on my tourist list, which the number one thing was to take an epic photo with a telephone booth. There are so many that I walked by on my search for the perfect photo but this one really spoke to me, it was surrounded by a grand building and had the right vibe for a photo op.

Next up on the list was the London Eye. This was one of the best experiences I've ever had. The views were spectacular and going right at sunset was a perfect time to admire all of the buildings from above. The golden light hit every detail of the skyline, illuminating the well known silhouettes. I would highly recommend doing the champagne experience because not only do you get Champagne but it also makes it feel a little bit more special. And another note do not be afraid to take full advantage of the photo ops, everyone else is doing it too.

On the walk over to the London Eye I stopped to admire the view of the eye from the bridge. I was caught off guard at first about how late the sun stays up so walking around at 8 pm was like an eternal golden hour begging me to take copious amounts of photos.

Since everything was so close to the hotel I decided to walk, it gave me the opportunity to see way more of London and really experience the city.

Coming back to Victory House was always so welcoming. One of the best features of this hotel is the restaurant situated on the ground level. Not only was there indoor dining but there was also a cute patio where you could sit outside and have an afternoon snack before going out to adventure around the city! I was a fan of grabbing some french fries and a lemonade for some fuel!

The hotel was close to one of my favorite things... shopping. With luxury and highstreet retailers all within walking distance I was in a fashion bloggers paradise. Not to mention while walking around the amount of fashion inspiration I found through other impeccably dressed women was endless.

One of the things that was on my list during the trip was to go to an instagrammable coffee shop. I found that with Elan Cafe, all of the walls were covered in pink and white roses and the selection of decadent pastries was endless. All I have to say is that this was quite a splurge in the sugar department but well worth it.

The shopping was not like any other shopping I experienced. The grand buildings on Regent Street gave the whole experience a very regal feeling. Some of the other places that I went to shop were Oxford Street, Bond Street and Mayfair! They all had a their own unique vibe and I loved every minute of it!

During my stay I enjoyed many lazy mornings in my comfy bed. The room had a Nespresso machine (I was so excited about this, I love coffee) so I would make a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning light coming in from the numerous windows in my room.

Breakfast in bed is always a must when traveling. It gives you the opportunity to feel like you are really at home. It was so nice having a restaurant of such high quality food downstairs. Everything I ordered throughout my stay was delicious and perfectly cooked.

After a breakfast in bed it was time to catch up on all of my emails and work. Laying in bed periodically throughout the day to work for a bit was super relaxing.

Getting around was easy, whether I chose to walk or grab a cab. I used the cab service most of the time I was there! The app that they advertised made it really easy to hail a cab. I never waited more than a minute or two for one to show up for me! Uber was available too but I felt like taking the taxis would give me a more authentic London experience.

Another cute spot that I found during my stay was a place called Neal's Yard. The spot was home to a bunch of cute shops and health food restaurants. I went back to 26 Grains twice because the porridge was so good! Perfect spot for a morning bite and coffee.

After a long day of walking around a good cocktail and meal were something that I craved. The Petit Bistro really impressed me with their selection of food and meticulously crafted cocktails were amazing! I did not know that London is home to the top bar in the world and many other bars rival that one too. The cocktails here were some of the best that I have ever had.

Dinner here was never a disappointment! I love seafood, some of the things I ordered on repeat was the oysters and scallops! The peppers were the perfect starter and the sliders were the perfect size to start off the meal! I also ended up ordering the vegetable risotto which was very rich and creamy. It hit the spot after walking around all day!

In the blink of and eye my time in London had come to an end. I was able to see, eat and do so many things while I was there. Having a hotel that is centrally located is one of the most important tasks when planning out a trip. I feel like I hit the jackpot with Victory House on this trip, the central location made it easy to walk or take a short taxi to my destination. This also meant that if I was feeling a little jet lagged and in need of a nap I wasn't ever too far away from a comfy bed!

If you want to see more of the hotel check them out on Instagram!

Thank you to Victory House for partnering with me on this trip and helping create an such a memorable experience.

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